Del 5: My thoughts on effectiveness

juli 12, 2009

David Bonney, frilansande kreativ planner baserad i Berlin med bland annat DDB/Tribal DDB och McCann Erickson i London på CV:et, avslutar sin följetong om effekt från ett internationellt och något cyniskt perspektiv med en något oroväckande frågeställning.

5) Does effectiveness ruin planners?
I don’t know the answer to this one either. But let me finish with a warning that I feel in my bowels – the more it is a planner’s job to think about effectiveness, the less he will be free to dream and guess and feel and intuit the extraordinary half-crazy ideas that can lead to wonderful, risk-embracing, business-exploding briefs. We planners live in a dark place between creativity and analysis, but I think the trend is for us to move slowly towards the analysis side. Enough I say, can’t we get someone else to do that? We planners have to be amongst the finest creatives in our agencies, we have to be untethered and open and ambitious when inspiring our creatives… and if you don’t have a planner who is free to be this way, then you won’t have great work coming out of your agency… whatever “great” is of course.

What is more, in the last 20 years, the IPA in London has accumulated over 800 IPA Effectiveness case studies. Papers written selectively, with bias and without creative pride. And now the well-intentioned scientists amongst us, Les Binet and Peter Field for example, cannot resist meta-analysing these papers, taking them at their word, and on their basis drawing rigorous conclusions as to “what works” and what doesn’t in advertising. If I didn’t intuitively agree with most of their findings (e.g. on the power of emotion) I’d be very worried indeed.

That’s all I can think to say right now. I’m a little fickle, so maybe I’ll disagree with some of these thoughts come tomorrow, but I hope at the least it provokes some healthy debate



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