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Del 3: My thoughts on effectiveness

maj 27, 2009

David Bonney, frilansande kreativ planner baserad i Berlin med bland annat DDB/Tribal DDB och McCann Erickson i London på CV:et, delar med sig av sina tankar om effekttävlingar från ett internationellt och något cyniskt perspektiv. Del tre av fem.

3) Are we scared to know whether our intuitions are right?

I said earlier that I avoid reading case studies unless I really have to. But why?

Well, if you look at most of the campaigns that have won IPA gongs in recent years, often you will never have heard of them. Do you remember getting excited when campaigns broke for Learndirect, Morrissons, Cathedral City Cheese, Radley, Felix, O2, Branston Beans or ING Direct? Do you remember where you were when you heard they’d won in Cannes?

Why do we the campaigns that excite us creatively just not make it into effectiveness awards? And why don’t we force them into effectiveness awards? Or are we scared that our instincts will be shown to be misguided, that years of ‘creative knows best’ and gut-instinct have not created the value we believe it has?

Really, if we want to continue to sell ourselves as the intuitive masters of demand creation, the subtle manipulators of a complex and powerful art, then we should put into effectiveness awards the campaigns we love best, the ones we really believe in, the ones we WANT to be effective. Maybe we take the 20 most critically acclaimed campaigns of any year and force them through a gruelling process of accountability…. then we’d be a grown-up industry, with no need to hide behind posturing or flimsy creative awards.

At worst, maybe we’ll learn that campaigns by O2 and ING are best-practice for their consistency, their simple emotional appeals, their idealessness and their ability to work on a visceral level?